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Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding

When we think of a 1940s wedding dress, the first image coming up in mind is about those beautiful brides wearing a long-trained satin gown, with crowns and veil… But, actually, half of that decade was in turmoil by the war, the world war II and often it was very hard to celebrate with a party, if not forbidden, as, rightly, considered immoral.  Anyhow, people did still get married!
wedding dress fitting and a fashion magazine 1940s
Of course, it was not uncommon the brides and grooms wore only their best suits, or their parents wedding dresses, sometimes re-made to a more fashionable pattern, or they commissioned a tailored dress with a colour and design that would make it wearable again after the wedding. Between the most popular shade predominate pale pink for brides and bridesmaids. Silk ad satin were almost impossible to find and anyway madly expensive, but other fabrics like cotton muslin, tulle and lace sometimes were still available.
Portraits of war wedding and a Vintachic 1940s pink chiffon wedding dress
Of course, short length dresses were less expensive, as they needed less fabric, but to maintain the tradition and wear a long dress, there were evening gowns in pale colours adapted to wedding dresses.  And what about the grooms?
1940s war wedding grooms simply wore their uniforms
WWII wedding couples portraits. Groom in uniforms
1940s newlyweds and 1940s Vintachic wedding dress
Vintachic wedding gowns by Emy Photo
In USA the situation was not as harsh as in Europe, so that in England the shortage of wedding dresses brought sometimes future brides to purchase dresses in USA and then make it wore by dozens of bride friends during the hard years of the war, just like my mother in law did with hers. In United States there were many bridal magazines with the most fashionable variety of bridal patterns.
1940s Brides magazine and a Vintachic wedding dress
Vintachic wedding gown by Gianluca Serrago
Beside all the aforesaid options, there was the chance to wear uniforms: many were the women who were enlisted to several military field, therefore uniformed service women might use their uniform just alike any other soldier. A further solution, very innovative, I would say, it was to rent their wedding dress, just like we do!
1940s newlyweds both brides and grooms wore their uniforms
But there were still wealthy or aristocrats who could certainly afford to buy or let them sew a wedding dress, that ‘40s fashion wanted to be sprightly slipped, full length and long sleeve, made exception for summer, when it could eventually be short-puffy. Dress was usually sweetheart neckline and fitted body, sometimes ruched. The waist cut in a V line and the skirt was circle with a wide ‘cathedral’ train, absolutely without any crinoline, falling down heavy, conferring that glamorous style. The favourite fabric was no doubt satin, better if in silk, or eventually in rayon and usually not off-white, but in a warm ivory shade.
1940s celebrities weddings Ginger Rogers Barbara Stanwyck and Shirley Temple on real life and movies
The headdress was often a net or lace crown, or a headpiece made of wax flowers or fresh blossom, commonly pink or white carnations, gladiolas, roses.  Orchids were popular corsage flowers for grooms. Usually to headpieces were attached one-layer veil, short just beneath the shoulders or longer than the train.
1940s headpieces and how to wear the veil
1940s wedding veils and crowns
No matter how wealthy or poor was the couple getting married, the party was and had to be very sober, to show respect and dignity in a hard climate of war, when people were suffering and undergoing hunger and hurt. Celebration was about a short brunch right after the ceremony, little food and a cake, maybe accompanied by a glass of wine, but the unmissable masterpiece was the cake topper, which was usually inspired to the couple. It’s still possible find some original of these lovely accessories, maybe to embellish your wedding cake!
1940s wedding the unmissable masterpiece was the cake topper
In September 2nd, 1945 war ends. The world finally rejoices, unfortunately so devastated that it will need long time to start again. Of course, much more wedding will be celebrated, still in the same financial strait, but with spirits up, able to take delight from a moment of happiness.
In September 2nd, 1945 war ends. Spirits up for wedding to be celebrated
Stay tuned on Le Vintagerie Wedding.
Take  Care.
Esterita di Cesare
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Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding

Contents of article: Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding
Fairytale Weddings A 1940s wedding