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Fairytale Weddings Wedding guests

What to avoid wearing at a wedding
Being a guest at wedding it is a great privilege, since your sharing with one of your family member or friends a life changing moment and they want you to be part of it.
As a professional I know dress code and wedding etiquette of different countries and cultures, we don’t expect that from a guest attending a wedding, what I always suggest if you don’t know how to wear, respect, common sense and sense of elegance will do the trick.
Respect, the real keyword, no matter what, you don’t have to upstage the bride and groom.
Common sense, if you are a guest just show consideration for who has invited you, this is the most important day of their life, everything is about the happy couple, just avoid dresses and behaviors which might stole the attention of the other guests from the bride and the groom.
Sense of elegance, it means being in harmony, with the people, with the place, if you are at ease, you are feeling confident and relaxed you are able to fully enjoy and share the happiness of the day.
Being said so, let’s see what to avoid, I’m having fun and exaggerating, but you’ll get the idea:
White dress, or a dress which is the same color of the bridal gown worn by the bride.
You are a guest, not the bride, never outshine the bride.
Avoid wearing white, you are a guest not the bride
Do not wear too provocative outfit.
The eyes of everyone must always be on the bride. Avoid anything revealing too skin, see-through or sheer dresses, avoid wearing a dress that reveal your Undergarments.
Do not wear provocative outfit at a wedding
Avoid the Total black look.
It is not a funeral, it is a celebration of love. If your more into dark color, blue hues are always in fashion.
If you’re attending an evening wedding, you can wear it but make it sparkle, and pair the oufit with the right accessories.
Avoid total black look at a wedding
Avoid eye catching colors.
Avoid eye catching colors RED
It is also a color worn at a funeral, someone say a bad omen.
Avoid eye catching colors VIOLET
Too bright and fluo colors.
Avoid too bright and fluo colors
Avoid Animal prints.
Too aggressive and extremely eye catching, you won’t steal the attention from the bride.
Avoid animal print
Avoid full length dress for a morning wedding.
It will be a wise choice for an evening wedding.
Avoid full lenght dress for a morning wedding
Avoid Jeans, worse ripped jeans, shorts and T-shirt.
Those are items that don't get along with the word wedding, not even with an unconventional and informal wedding.
Avoid jeans shorts and T-Shirts
Shoes no need to say avoid Flip-flops, clogs, slippers and sneaker.
If the wedding will take place in a place that require to walk a lot, you might consider wearing flat, or bring with you a change of shoes, flats to walk and heels for the reception.
Avoid Flip-Flop clogs slippers and snearkers
Black tuxedo for the gentlemen.
Common sense, as the ladies should not outshine the bride, the gentlemen should do the same, don’t put in the shade the groom.
Avoid black tuxedo
What you find above are the general rules and yes, the rules are made to be broken but this is up to the bride and groom only. If they set a dress code for the wedding, try and dress accordingly as a sign of respect.
Respect will guarantee you a happy joyful wedding day.
Hope you have fun and learn a bit more about the wedding etiquette with a pinch of lightness.
Marcella Lavarini
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Fairytale Weddings Wedding guests

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Fairytale Weddings Wedding guests
Fairytale Weddings Wedding guests
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Fairytale Weddings Wedding guests
Fairytale Weddings Wedding guests
Fairytale Weddings Wedding guests
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Fairytale Weddings Wedding guests