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Fairytale Weddings 1950s

Ph. from the movie Funny face
Ph. from the movie Funny face 
The Ballerina Wedding Dress
Right after 1940s, therefore five years after the war, the fashion industry developed exponentially, and so the bridal couture. Boutiques and concept stores dedicated to the wedding trade started to arise and, finally, any bride, now, could choose the dress of her dreams complete with accessories and live happily ever after. Of course, following her economic possibilities.
1950s bride1950s bridal style
The major inspiration came, as always, from the Hollywood stars, who wore the most expensive gown they could afford. In the early 50s the gowns followed the previous decade lines, by using yes commonly satin, but also including lace to cover the bodice and inserting on skirts lace panels.
Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly bridal style
But the real revolution arrives by the half of 1950s, when the length arose again above the ankles, as like in the 20s, remember?:  1920s Bridal Style
Tea-lenght wedding gowns
But now, on the contrary of the flapper dresses, petticoats and corsets come back, in order to make waist as thin as possible, as fashion, now, dictate strongly! Yes, because this decade will be remembered as one of the most elegant and feminine of the history: tight bust and pronounced neckline, to show the upper body and breast, small waist, in Italy known as “Wasp Waist”. This time we’ll have two options for hips: either a circle skirt, enriched by super high-flown petticoats, or skin tight, known as pencil-skirt, for the super sensual ‘Bombshell’ effect.
1950s brides and Jane and Jayne Mansfield on her wedding day
This last one, however, not really advised for the brides, who should get married in Church, sober and hopefully still chaste! But brides to be did not want to give up to what femininity in 1950s allowed them to show, therefore it was possible wedding dresses were off the shoulder, cover by a bolero for the ceremony and then removed for the party! And go on for the dance…
1950s brides and bridal style
The lovely ‘Ballerina Wedding Dress’ will rise the highest popularity, long skirt or ankle length and the favourite fabrics will be tulle and silk, followed by satin, often covered by lace. Veils were unmissable, a real must-have for the bride. They usually were attached to a flowery headpiece, or a crystals tiara, or even a pillbox, usually made of satin. The veil length varied depending on the extend of the gown, but very common was a short veil, not longer than the shoulder blades, or just right below the waistline usually made of bald tulle very crimped on top.
1950s brides bridal style and bridal undergarment
1950s brides and wedding veils
1950s vogue is an evergreen fashion, repeated in many collections in this last 70 years, as symbol of a real womanhood, classic and fanciful in the meantime, that will last for ever, belonging to those iconic styles of the history fashion.
Stay tuned on Le Vintagerie Wedding.
Take  Care.
Esterita di Cesare
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Fairytale Weddings 1950s

Contents of article: Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s
Fairytale Weddings 1950s