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Fairytale Weddings Hyperpigmentation?

No more a problem!
Have small spots appeared on the face and body? Have we abused drugs, suntan or junk food? Are we simply going beyond fifty? According to scientists, pollution is also shared by this phenomenon. With a little patience and tenderness for our faults, we can intervene. The most common spot is solar lentigo, it is accentuated in the sun by an uncontrolled exposure, they are circumscribed, and yes, they are ugly.
Unhealthy food
The dermatologist and the aesthetic doctor with a lamp (Light of Wood), can verify the depth under the dermal surface. And decide whether to combat this superficial hyperpigmentation with exfoliating products to be treated in the clinic, or, in case of deeper spots to act with cryotherapy, with the laser (now there are third-generation, micro ablative) or with pulsed light.  I always recommend preventing these phenomena as much as possible and to choose a 4 seasons topical cosmetic product that has a high UV protection factor.
I have chosen for you "4 Season Global Protection", La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi, A rare bouquet of natural Phyto-active principles with a protective formula rich in Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Zero and Chamomilla.
A triple effect emulsion: helps to minimize dark spots and epidermal discoloration, to prevent skin aging due to sun exposure and provides an effective and lasting hydration effect porcelain. Suitable for damaged, delicate and photosensitive skin. With high protection factor and totally without petrolatum.
skintreatmentbeautiful woman with
“Nature does not tolerate an incurable health.” (Thomas Bernhard)
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
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Fairytale Weddings Hyperpigmentation?