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Fairytale Weddings Bohemian style wedding

The boho wedding dress
Between the most popular wedding dresses we certainly can mention the boho dress, an evergreen style that il looks like we really don’t want to get rid of since over 150 years.
Bohemian style wedding
To know the origin of this style we must do several steps back in time, exactly in XIX century, in France. The Bohémiens were artists and poets who decided to live in the slums and the low social class of the gipsy neighbourhood, wrongly believing that gipsy came from Bohemia, a region in Czech Republic. Therefore, the name of this current. They wanted to live a free-rules and simple life, without eases.
Bohemian lifestyle the origin
Almost a century later, in the 60s, this current came back with the hippies, “the flowers sons”. The sense of this lifestyle was about living free from any standard and in contact with nature, far from any stereotype. Everyone remembers Woodstock, the biggest hippie event ever…
The flowers sonsWoodstock the biggest hippie event ever
Today life changed so much that we really have lack of time to live in a bohemian style, but right because of this, we strongly try to escape from routine. How? Simply organizing themed party that allow us to enjoy nature, by combining garden location and easy style to share with friends. In Empire Polo Fields of Indio,  in California,  since 2001 take place a music and airs  festival, Coachella, where people dress boho style, just like at Woodstock and it became so famous to be nowadays the worldwide major hippie festival.
But nothing can be more joyful than a boho wedding, so much that many wedding celebrations and parties are organized à la bohèmienne, very amusing to organize and easy to enjoy. Therefore, the wedding dress will be simple, usually A-line in floating fabric, as chiffon, organdie. Lace, however, will be the leading actor, either inserted in the duffle, or a total lace dress.
Boho style wedding dresses
1960s lace wedding dress by Vintachic and photo by Alessandro Manca
1960s boho lace wedding dress by Vintachic
1970s lace wedding  dress by Vintachic.
Vintachic 1970s boho wedding dress
And to be a complete bohemian bride, the unmissable should be a veil in lace.
Boho wedding dress style the veil and flower crown
In fact, boho style is simple in the lines, but rich in lace but also lace will be anywhere: to decor the tables, over the chairs, laid on the grass, or even as curtain or just put on a tree brunch!
Flower power will be the main theme: flowers, many many flowers will be all over, of course starting from the bridal headpiece.
Boho wedding inspiration
And the final touch will be a gipsy furniture preparation for the party: wood wheels wagon, wood table, candles, maybe barrels and colourful sheets on the floor accompanied with good food and falls of good wine.
Take  Care.
Esterita di Cesare
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Fairytale Weddings Bohemian style wedding